Vesvese Podcast 028 – Kaan Duzarat

11.19.2012  |  2 Comments ››

We've been quiet silent about podcasting since a year nearly. Now it's time to go ahead with podcasts. Here is a new one by Kaan ...

Vesvese Podcast 027 – Fred P.

01.27.2012  |  No Comments ››

Fred P. of Soul People Music was on the decks at Vesvese ile Sali Sallanir last October. Here is his mix from that night. Many ...

Vesvese Podcast 026 – Arman Akinci

01.22.2012  |  No Comments ››

We're back again with Arman Akinci's warm up mix before Fred P. at Vesvese's weekly party series "Sali Sallanir" at Otto in Asmalimescit Istanbul. Enjoy...

Vesvese Podcast 025 – Selim Cenkel

09.25.2011  |  No Comments ››

New episode of Vesvese Podcast by Selim Cenkel! Enjoy...

Vesvese Podcast 024 – Kaan Duzarat

09.04.2011  |  No Comments ››

Recorded at Club to Club Istanbul 2011. Also Deniz Kurtel, James Holden, Kode 9, Egyptrixx and more was on the decks at Santral Istanbul.

Vesvese Podcast 023 – K.atou

08.21.2011  |  1 Comment ››

Beautiful mix by K.atou for the second time on Vesvese Podcast, this time recorded live at her last visit to Istanbul last April. 150 minutes ...

Vesvese Podcast 022 – Kaan Duzarat, Eren Eren

08.11.2011  |  No Comments ››

Recorded live at Sali Sallanir at Otto by Kaan Duzarat aka Shrimpy and Eren Eren. Clone Records head honcho and Philogresz was on the deck ...

Vesvese Podcast 021 – Tufan Demir

08.01.2011  |  No Comments ››

New episode of Vesvese Podcast mixed by talented Mr. Tufan Demir is now online, including his track called "Ain't No Funk" from his 4 track ...

Vesvese Podcast 020 – Jus-Ed

07.27.2011  |  No Comments ››

Underground Quality's Jus-Ed was here in Istanbul with us at Otto Sofyali last spring. This podcast was recorded that night. Enjoy!

Vesvese Podcast 019 – Pair of Dirty Shoes aka PoDS

07.19.2011  |  No Comments ››

Pair of Dirty Shoes aka PoDS aka Kaan Duzarat and Fattish whispering into your ear once again with a two hours of mid-tempo house and ...